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Craps Strategy, Bonuses

Craps - one of the oldest games. Tool for the game are cubes (craps) in the amount of one to five, depending on the type of game. With proper markup opposite faces of the dice must add up to 7 (6 to 1, 5 to 2, 4 vs. 3). The essence of the game is throwing dice and later scoring, and the amount of which determines the winner. Variety of games involve different scoring.



The basic principle of the dice - each player in turn throws some dice (one to five), followed by the roll (the amount of dropped points, in some embodiments are used eyeglasses each bone separately) is used to determine a winner or loser. Until the end of the game can be done any number of throws.

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The history of Craps

One of the oldest games - the first prototypes of the dice are found in Egypt, and they date from the XX century BC. Oe. Mentioned in the "Mahabharata," "Bible" was widespread in ancient Rome. It has many varieties, from simple to the complex, in which you can use different tactics of the game.
The name indicates that the earlier in the game used the bones of animals, according to some sources, dice divination is associated with the bones of animals. This is indicated by the fact that in ancient times was considered the outcome of the game expression of the will of the gods.
The exact location of the dice is not known. The oldest craps dated to the twentieth century BC. Oe. have been found at Thebes. Initially, the craps were a tool for divination. According to archaeological excavations in the craps played everywhere in all corners of the globe. The name comes from the original material - animal bones.
The ancient Greeks believed that the bones of the Lydians invented to escape from hunger, to give us something to occupy their minds. Sophocles in the tragedy of "screamers", has come down to us only in part, argues that the hero of the Trojan War the Greeks taught screamers dice.
It is believed that the spread in Europe, the game got through the Roman patricians. Craps is reflected in the ancient Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Vedic mythology. Mentioned in the Bible, the "Iliad," "Odyssey," "Mahabharata", a meeting of Vedic hymns "Rigveda". In the pantheon of gods, at least one god is the owner of the dice as an essential attribute.
After the fall of Rome game spread throughout Europe, particularly fond of her during the Middle Ages. Since the dice are used not only for playing but for fortune-telling, the church has repeatedly tried to ban the game, for the purpose of punishment invented the most sophisticated, but all attempts failed.
According to archaeological bone and played in pagan Russia. After the baptism of the Orthodox Church sought to eradicate the game, but among the common people it has remained popular, in contrast to Europe, where the dice sinned higher nobility, and even clergy.
The war declared by the authorities of various countries, craps has created many different cheat tricks.
In the Age of Enlightenment fascination with dice gradually began to decline, people have new hobbies, they are more interested in literature, music and art. Now the dice rather than widespread.

The modern game of dice (craps)
To date, craps is playing in casinos around the world and in various casinos on line.


Interesting Facts

Some Roman emperors were prone addicted to this game, especially Caligula;
The oldest craps found in South America;
The word "passion" comes from the Arabic name of craps.
The principles of the dice used in children's board games;
In the Middle Ages were invented special dice for the clergy - instead of points plotted on them images of virtues;
In ancient Rome, ordinary citizens can play dice at certain seasons;
The first law banning the game of dice, come down to us, dates from the III century BC. Oe.


Craps strategy

Winning at craps relatively easy to calculate, because the probability is easily computed. The probability of emission of a specific number of points in the game with a bone is 1 to 6. With an increase in the number of dice probability decreases. For example, when playing the two bones of the least likely to be prolapse "2" and "12" points, and closer to the mean probability increases. Likely loss has a "7." As the number of blocks, most likely also tends to mean. Calculating the probability of winning is better to start with the calculation of the probable number of moves in the game.