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Online Slot Machines Guide

Slot Machines, also knows as "one-armed bandit" - a slot machine, giving a chance to win a sum much more greater than the amount. Goal of the game - to collect, rotating drums, a winning combination of symbols. The better combination, the bigger the payout. 

In casinos onlinemobile slots can have up to five reels and up to fifty lines for the game. Through the use of computer technology in the slot machines -  player is given a wide range of additional features that increase the interest in the game, such as bonus games and bonus rounds, "scattered" characters, "wild" characters and so on.

The player has a big role in choosing a slot machine plays the role of the presence of cumulative jackpots. Online slot machines have a common accumulation system is called progressive. With slots machines in the network, the prize fund will be deducted a certain percentage, which is the jackpot. To win the jackpot, as a rule, a player must catch the very highest combination of symbols on the greatest rate. In the era of the Internet was widespread use of slot games at casinos online.

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Online Slot Machines Guide

Online slot machines have a different number of reels and paylines. All buttons on the slot machine has a constant value, although there are exceptions. As a rule, the English language on each button says what action will be taken after clicking:

  • Spin - button to run the game.
  • Bet - Player bets nomination for which he is going to play.
  • x lines - play the X lines.

In online slot machines are usually present 9 (1-3-5-7-9) or 20 (1-5-10-15-20) lines, with the first 10 most often have a central symmetry, and the next 10 - centerline. Very rare slots in which to play 100 lines). Sometimes the "acquired" a player position on the drum, that in the 5 * 3 corresponds to the game from 5 to 243 combinations.
Collect - fixing games and players for the deposit of its subsequent removal.

  • Bet one - game one rate.
  • Bet x2 - the game rate, multiplied by two.
  • Bet x3 - game rate, multiplied by three.
  • Bet x5 - game rate, multiplied by five.

(In online slot machines are usually present maximum rate of multiplication of x10 or x100.
Bet Max - the maximum rate of exposure, which is designed slot machine. In some machines Pressing Bet Max starts the drums with a maximum rate.
Last bet - the opportunity to repeat the previous bet.
Online Slot Machines have a special notation on the screen of the machine:

  • Credit - the player's account in arbitrary units.
  • Win - a winning combination.
  • Paid - the total payout.

All online slot machines have a payout table on the characters, so the player can always see what is owed on a roll of various combinations.
To start the game, the player must place a bet and roll out the drums. If you win on the line after the reels stop a winning combination, the payout is determined by the paytable.

Today online gambling industry rises every year, and we have now a lot of variates of online slot machines. You can find even 3D slots online with Marvel Heroes, Blade slots, Fantastic 4, Batman slots, free slot machines, online slot machines with progressive jackpot and great casino bonuses. All that made to entertain yourself and win a good cash.