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Video Poker strategy, bonuses



Rules of the Video poker.

Automatic video poker is usually like a slot machine. Top of the machine is a table of winning combinations and payouts. In the central part is a screen that shows the player's cards.
The following are commonly found three indicators that show the amount on the player's account (Credit), the winning amount for the last combination (Win) and the current bet (Bet). Dial «Bet One» (put a) the player increases the bet by one coin. By clicking on «Bet Max» (set high) the player selects the maximum bet and starts the game. After reaching the maximum rate of pressing for «Bet One», as follows by pressing the bet is returned to the original.
Betting, the player presses the button «Deal» (hand) and receives a card - five cards of the deck in the open worksheet in 52 (or 53/54, if a joker). When you press the «Hold» (hold), or simply by clicking on the map in the case of touch screens are holding cards that can not be exchanged. The player again presses «Deal» (hand) and the machine will change uncommitted card. In the case of a winning combination, indicated at the top of the machine, the amount corresponding to a combination of rate and credited to the player. Combinations correspond to the standard poker hand than the rare combination - the higher the payout. Below you can see the payout table for the so-called full-pay or 6 / 9 «Jacks or Better Poker» (Jacks or Better.)
If you win, the player may be asked to take a chance to increase the win. You will be asked to double the winnings (Double) or take the money (Collect). If you want to take a chance, click on the «Double», at the same time you will see five cards left - in the open. Of the remaining four cards of the player must choose one. If the selected card is more open - doubles win, if less - money lost if the cards are equal - a tie. Another option of doubling - guess the color of the closed cards. The player may double several times. Some machines also offer chances of winning are not the sum total, but only a half (Double-Half), some have a chance to quadruple win, the players need to guess the suit of cards face down.


Video poker games.

In the world of gambling there are so many different versions of video poker. They can vary in:
The number of lines in the game: usually 1, 3, 4, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 lines. With the initial five cards dealt in one line. The selected player cards are recorded for all lines, but not recorded on the cards are dealt each of the lines at random.


The most popular game - "Jacks or Better", so called because that is a winning combination of a pair of jacks or higher, but there are dozens of other varieties, the most popular of which is "Deuces Wild» (Deuces Wild - Deuces are jokers) "Joker Poker» (Joker Poker - with the addition of wild cards), "Aces and Pictures» (Aces and Faces), «Bonus Poker» (Bonus Poker), «Tens and above» (Tens or Better), etc.
The presence of the jackpot: there are machines where some bets goes to form the progressive jackpot. The value of the jackpot is displayed at the top of the machine, the jackpot is usually issued for the collection of the highest hand (Royal Flush) to play five coins.

Video Poker Pay Table.

A table of payments in each game can vary somewhat, for example, in one machine for a penalty are paid 50 to 1, and another 40 to 1, thus changing the machine payout percentage. In the most popular games can be more than a dozen different tables of payments, respectively, the expectation may vary from -5% to +0.1%. Note that in the majority of video poker game with five coins for the highest combination of (Royal Flush) the payment is usually much greater than at 4.1 a game coins. For example, when playing with four coins will make payments to 800, and when you play five - is 4000, that is, increasing the rate by 25%, we increase payments to 5 times! Similarly, in the slot machines with jackpots it is issued only when you play five coins. It is therefore recommended always to the player to play five coins, this can increase the expectation of 1-2%.


Video Poker Strategy.

As the player during a game can make decisions, then there exists an optimal strategy of the game. The optimal strategy allows the player to achieve the highest possible expectation of results game (but in no case could not guarantee winning player). In principle, for each name of the game and almost every table payments to the optimal strategy should be its own. Optimal strategies for the most popular games and the payout table can be found on the Internet. Also there are software products that calculate and provide the player an opportunity to practice the game on the optimal strategy for most types of games. Strategy, as close to optimal, which can be used for most games that are close to the "Jacks or Better", and which will only loss of the order of 0.1-0.2%, gives the following recommendations for the retention of maps (through the list from top to bottom is encountered combination, which is in your hands, keep these cards):


  1. Full House and more
  2. 4 cards to a royal flush
  3. Street, three or flash
  4. 4 cards to straight flush
  5. Two pairs of
  6. Top pair (jacks or higher)
  7. 3 cards to a royal flush
  8. 4 cards to a flush
  9. The younger pair (tens and lower)
  10. 4 cards to an external Street
  11. Two high cards of same suit
  12. 3 cards to straight flush
  13. Two high cards of different suits (if more than two high cards, then leave the younger ones)
  14. 10/jack , 10/queen, 10/king the same suit
  15. One high card
  16. Reset all.

Note: The highest card - from a jack up the ace, external Street - four cards in a row (for example, 5,6,7,8,) as opposed to an inside straight, where between four cards to a straight - a hole (eg, 5,6,8 , 9).